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Consuelo Natal is a wife, a mother and an Early Childhood Teacher who enjoys cooking and baking. Consuelo’s culinary journey began at the age of 11 in Brooklyn, NY. Consuelo learned to cook and bake traditional southern dishes and desserts by visiting and observing her grandmother and aunt each day as they prepared food. Consuelo discovered a passion for cooking and baking at the age of 14.

The wife of a minister at the church Consuelo attended as a child taught her to bake a plain cheesecake. Consuelo continued to make plain cheesecakes and cherry cheesecakes and sold them to friends that she attended Clara Barton High School with. Consuelo’s passion and curiosity in culinary heightened into adulthood and prompted her to experiment with a variety of ingredients and proteins to create delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts with a twist on traditional recipes.

In 2015, Consuelo decided to create a business offering a variety of foods and desserts that family, friends and many others enjoyed at holidays and other social events. Consuelo decided to name her business “Delicious Creations.” Delicious Creations offers cooked and baked goods and provides catering services for private, social and business events.


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